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End of Season Awards
Saturday 22nd June 7.30pm
Held at The Leicester Arms, Penshurst, TN32 5HE
Tickets £30 per person
For tickets please send cheques, payable to SEPTPSC, to Charlotte Marshall, Glebe House, Brightling, East Sussex, TN32 5HE
or BACS SEPTPSC s/c 60-01-21 a/c 74409972
(Please use your name as a reference)​

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Peper Harow Review

Peper Harow hosted the final meeting for the South East area point-to-point season on Saturday. The opening race of the day for Veteran and Novice riders was won comfortably by Stage One for owner / jockey Daniel Cherriman finishing ten lengths ahead of Moscow Blaze....

Parham 2 Preview

GOING UPDATE: the course is being watered, this was started Saturday 20th and will continue until Friday when the aggravator will be used. An official going video and update will be posted Thursday morning. Parham hosts their second point-to-point meeting of 2019 on...

Easter Weekend Reviews

The South East area hosted 2 meetings over the Easter weekend with contrasting results. Regrettably the meeting held on Easter Saturday suffered from a significant lack of runners and resulted in 4 walk-overs from 6 races. The first walk-over was an unlucky occurrence...

Leaderboards ahead of the Easter weekend.

JOCKEYS Name                    SEHC MSFD C&H OSB&WK 1 S&E OSB&WK 2 AVT EK CLC SU Total MEN Charlie Marshall      6        14       12         18                      6                                              56 Phil York                 4        ...

South East Riders

Pete Bull

Wins: 150
Best Course: ?
Best Horse: Honourable Spider (11 wins)
Best Season: 2009 (12 wins)
Last Season: 2 wins
​Rides for: Himself, Suzy Bull, Andrew Coveney
Trainer with most wins for: ?

Gemma Cobb

Wins: 4
Best Course: Aldington, Parham, Penshurst (1)
Best Horse: Master Alf (2)
Best Season: 2012 (2)
Last Season: 1
​Rides for: Heather Cobb, Ian Cobb
Trainer with most wins for: Heather Cobb (3)

Ella Gillings

Wins: 5 wins from 26 rides
Best Horse: Behind The Scenes.
Best Season: 2015 – 3 wins and 4 places all on Behind The Scenes.
Best Course: Penshurst numbers wise, though Charing is my favourite to ride round. .
Proudest Moment: Behind The Scenes taking Leading Horse in the South East 2015, and by association myself receiving Leading Lady that season.
Horse for this season: Cloudy Bob. 

Ray Glennon

Wins: 3
Best Course: Charing/Parham (1)
Best Horse: Keltic Moon, Leafy Arbour, Golden Crisp (1)
Best Season: 2011/2013/2017 (1)
Last Season: 0
​Rides for: Nigel Benstead
Trainer with most wins for: Himself, Phil York, Tim Underwood (1)

Rose Grissell

​Wins: 6
Best Course: Charing/Godstone (2)
Best Horse: De Clare Man, Myson (2)
Best Season: 2009/2015 (2)
Last Season: 0
​Rides for: Herself
Trainer with most wins for: Herself (6)

Will Hickman

Wins: 34
Best Course: Charing (8)
Best Horse: Man From Moscow (5)
Best Season: 2009 (7)
Last Season: 3
​Rides for: Hannah Jones, Pam Tetley
Trainer with most wins for: Alison Hickman* (14)

Hannah Jones

​Wins: 2
Best Course: Penshurst/Aldington (1)
Best Horse: Ballybrack Dancer, Cada Club (1)
Best Season: 2015/2018 (1)
Last Season: 1
​Rides for: Herself
Trainer with most wins for: Herself (2)

Charlie Marshall

Wins: 23
Best Course: Penshurst (7)
Best Horse: Conkies Lad (4)
Best Season: 2017 (9)
Last Season: 5
Rides for: Cynthia Woods, Charlotte Marshall
Trainer with most wins for: Cynthia Woods (7)

Izzie Marshall

​Wins: 20
Best Course: Penshurst (2)
Best Horse: Start Royal (4)
Best Season: 2018 (11)
Last Season: 11
​Rides for: Alan Hill, Charlotte Marshall
Trainer with most wins for: Alan Hill (16)

Beth Mellish

​Wins: 2
Best Course: Penshurst/Parham (1)
Best Horse: See You Jack, Jackfield (1)
Best Season: 2017/2018 (1)
Last Season: 1
​Rides for: Margaret Howie
Trainer with most wins for: Margaret Howie (2)

James Rawdon-Mogg

​Wins: 0
Best Course: –
Best Horse: –
Best Season: –
Last Season: 0
​Rides for: Rose Grissell
Trainer with most wins for: –

Shane Roche

Wins: 30
Best Course: Parham (7)
Best Horse: Curraigflemens/The Ferbane Man/Generous Ransom (3)
Best Season: 2017 (13)
Last Season: 12
​Rides for: David Phelan
Trainer with most wins for: David Phelan (10)

Benedict Shaw

Wins: 2
Best Course: Godstone/Peper Harow (1)
Best Horse: Strollawaynow (2)
Best Season: 2017 (2)
Last Season: 0
​Rides for: Andrew Wates
Trainer with most wins for: Andrew Wates (2)

Jody Sole

Wins: 45
Best Course: Aldington (7)
Best Horse: Bit Of A Clown (3)
Best Season: 2010/2011 (8)
Last Season: 0
​Rides for: Himself, Karen Phillips-Hill, Stephen Allen
Trainer with most wins for: Chris Lawson* (9)

Steve Spice

​Wins: 8
Best Course: Penshurst (3)
Best Horse: Dad Says Heazle (2)
Best Season: 2006/2009/2018 (2)
Last Season: 2
​Rides for: Himself, Brenda Ansell
Trainer with most wins for: Veronica Park* (3)

Oz Wedmore

​Wins: 18
Best Course: Charing/Godstone (4)
Best Horse: Mr Bed Bugs/Orfeo Conti/Showman/Time Is Tickin (2)
Best Season: 2016 (6)
Last Season: 2
​Rides for: Rose Grissell, Elizabeth Lawson
Trainer with most wins for: Rose Grissell (6)

Phil York

​​Wins: 350+
Best Course: ?
Best Horse: Freddies Return (10)
Best Season: 2011 (34)
Last Season: 9
​Rides for: Himself, Tim Underwood
Trainer with most wins for: ?


Points awarded: 1st – 6 points, 2nd – 4 points, 3rd – 2 points. 

Leading Gentleman Rider

for the Eric Covell “Flintstone” Cup
1. Shane Roche
2. Charlie Marshall
3. Phil York 

Leading Lady Rider

for the Magaret Holland “Rough Scot” Cup
1. Izzie Marshall
2. Rose Grissell

Leading Gentleman Novice Rider

for the “Tern Eran” Cup
1. Ray Glennon

Leading Lady Novice Rider

for the Architade Trophy
1. Beth Mellish 

Leading Owner

for the John Hacking “Red Cast” Cup
1. Mr Ian Gibson – Indian Chance
2. Generous Ransom

Leading Novice Horse

for the Skinner Cup
1. Indian Chance
2. Lightonthemountain

Leading Homebred

for the “Marks Methane” Trophy
1. Margot Fontane 

Leading Veteran Rider

for the “Colonel Henry” Cup
1. Phil York

Leading Lady Owner Ridden Horse

for the “Red Marshall” Trophy
Cada Club – Hannah Jones

Leading Gentleman Owner Ridden Horse

for the “Pleasure Prints” Challenge Trophy
1. Margot Fontane – Pete Bull

Leading Family Owner Ridden Horse

for the Ian Pattullo Memorial Cup
1. Margot Fontane 

Tim Underwood is having a fantastic P2P season, and currently leads the way in the Tattersalls Leading Owner category.

Tim is also the one to catch in the @ForanEquine Trainers Championship (7 and under) and his Timmie Roe is setting the pace as @REDMILLSHorse Leading Horse

PEPER HAROW GOING UPDATE: Having walked the course with BHA inspector we are pleased to report the current going as good, good to firm in places. The Agrivator will be put to work tomorrow with a view to producing good ground across the course. We are watering, where appropriate.

Good luck to all our British pointing stars taking part tonight @CheltenhamRaces

Enjoy the occasion, and come back safe #GoPointing

Great #Jumping2Conclusions podcast, feat. Willy the GOAT @william_biddick, how to ride @ExeterRaces by @Harry05Derham, why Will likes @PointingDC tracks at this point in his career & why @PFNicholls thinks they need followers #GoPointing Listen on @anchor https://t.co/KPLGnYtSP0

Don‘t cry, get up quick! by Jumping To Conclusions • A podcast on Anchor

Ryan and Harry review the jumps finale at Sandown, alongside Will Biddick, who has recently become the winning most point to point rider of all time. ...


Preparations are well underway. We had meaningful rain yesterday, with more forecast this coming week. Water bowsers booked & ready to start watering next week. We have an Agrivator available which will also be put to work. Further updates to follow

Where will you #GoPointing this weekend?

You have 10 fixtures to choose from, spread far and wide, so why not get out in the countryside and enjoy some thrilling horse racing in its purest form?!

➡️ https://t.co/qWG0dnvXfj

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